Jan 27

Aromanians in Romania since 1990

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Abstract : The self-identification of a significant number of Aromanian as a distinct group in Romania came as a surprise. Not only is their Latin-based language close to Romanian ; but also, during the last decades of the Ottoman Empire, Romania funded schools for Aromanians living along the borders shared by Greece, Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria. The Aromanians in Romania moved from this area, and most of hem settled in southern Dobruja between 1925 and 1932. Following a description of the arguments used, in 2005, by advocates and opponents of granting Aromanians the status of “national minority”, the stakes are evaluated at the scale of Romania and of the Balkans. Questions are raised about the formation of a sens of identity in Aromanian communities and the forms of political activism arising out of it.

by Nicolas Trifon – How to do without a cumbersome fatherland ?

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